In 2024 India’s most populated cities

Delhi is actually India’s most populated city in 2024 with 3.38 crore people, Indian Express reported while citing data from United Nations (UN). In fact Mumbai is second-most populated with 2.16 crore people. Actually it is followed by Kolkata (1.55 crore), Bengaluru (1.4 crore), Chennai (1.2 crore), Hyderabad (1.1 crore), Ahmedabad (88.5 lakh), Surat (83 lakh), Pune (73 lakh) and Jaipur (43 lakh). Today population of India is increasing very fast and for this reason it becomes a need to manage it.

Today India has the highest population in the world compare to others countries. But it is actually a difficult thing for a country to manage this huge population and all Indian actually need a good standard of living. Actually from this data we can get that India has many big cities and people living their get many type of facilities for better life. In reality it is good that India has big cities like Delhi but with this it is also a need to control population of India for better life.

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