2 people arrested for trafficking gold worth Rs 1.21 crore hidden in rectum at Delhi Airport

New Delhi: Customs officials at the international airport have arrested two people for smuggling gold worth Rs 1.21 crore into the country by hiding it in their rectum, according to an official statement issued on Thursday.

The accused who came from Jeddah were arrested in different cases. One of the men was detained upon his arrival on Tuesday, the statement said.

The Customs Department said, “During the search of the passenger’s personal and luggage, three oval-shaped capsules containing yellow colored chemical paste, wrapped in a transparent rubber-like material, suspected to contain gold, were recovered which the passenger had inserted in his rectum.

It said that after the extraction process, an irregularly shaped gold brick was recovered from the passenger, which weighed 917.3 grams and had a tariff value of Rs 59.81 lakh.

In the second case, the traveler was stopped after arriving from Jeddah on Monday. Another statement said he was suspected of carrying gold of foreign origin and was stopped by customs officials.

“During the search of the passenger’s personal and luggage, three oval-shaped capsules, suspected to contain gold in the form of a chemical paste (extracted by himself from the rectum), were recovered from the passenger’s body, which were recovered after extracting the metal. The total weight of gold recovered was approximately 981.34 grams. Both the accused were arrested and gold weighing approximately 1.89 kg was seized.

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