A bottle flew towards Sunidhi Chauhan on stage, what did the singer do?

Sunidhi Chauhan went to Dehradun to perform. A problem happened there. However, while performing on stage, such incidents happen to singers at various times. Last year, Arijit Singh went to Aurangabad to perform music. He went on stage to sing. Seeing his favorite star in front of his eyes, a fan started pulling him by the hand. Arijit’s hand is also injured.

From a video posted on the social media page, it is known that the singer was so injured in his right hand that he could not straighten his hand; his hand was shaking. This is not only a matter in this country but also happens abroad. This happened some time ago. American pop singer Cardi B was singing on stage. A spectator threw a beer bottle at her. Cardi lost her temper. This time, a spectator threw a bottle at Sunidhi! How did the singer handle the situation?

Wearing a shiny top. Black shorts. Boots on feet. Sunidhi was singing. When the bottle was thrown, she suddenly moved away. She scolded the fan. “What if you throw a bottle at me?” she said loudly. The event will be closed. Do you want it? ” On this day, she presented songs like ‘Sheela Ki Jawani’, ‘Dhoom Machale’, ‘Crazy Kya Re’, ‘Desi Girl’, ‘Kamli’, and ‘Shaki Shaki’ to the audience.

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