A family with two wives, Arman Malik is the father again?

YouTuber Armaan Malik lives with his two wives under one roof. The image of the family of two satins is often seen on social media. Armaan married his first wife, Payal’s best friend, Kritika. He converted to Islam for that marriage. Currently, this trio has four children. Armaan is going to be a father for the fifth time! Social media practice is like that.

Armaan recently celebrated the first birthdays of his three children with great fanfare. Armaan and Payal have a son. Then Payal and Kritika got pregnant together. Payal gave birth to twins last year. In the midst of a family full of four children, the rumor of Armaan becoming a father again is noisy in the net world. The question of the netizens: this time his wife did not get pregnant, Kritika?

Armaan’s new vlog saw the baby shower video and asked that question. The title of the video was, Baby Shower, Payal, or Golu? In the beginning, everyone was surprised, but after watching the video, they got the answer to the question. Neither Payal nor Kritika are pregnant. The husband and two wives arrived at the baby shower of one of their acquaintances. All the fuss about that video. Armaan owns 100–200 crores. And this entire income is from YouTube. He has become the owner of crores of rupees in just two and a half years.

Armaan advises others not to do this despite having married twice. “Don’t make the mistake of marrying two people like me,” he said. Not everyone is as good as my wife.’ Armaan got married to Payal in 2011. Their first child, Chirayu Malik, was born. However, Armaan married his wife’s girlfriend for the second time. And that without divorcing Payal. Kritika and Armaan got married in 2018. Armaan converted from Hinduism to Islam to keep his two wives together.

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