A long six off the bat of the base ball, Sachin’s video in New York is viral

Pakistan will play against India in New York on Sunday. Before that, Sachin Tendulkar went down with the ‘other’ bat. Partner is former cricketer and coach Ravi Shastri. Two Indian cricketers have come down with baseball, which is a popular sport in America. Both are supposed to be in the India-Pakistan match. Before Maharan, Sachin took several throws with the baseball bat from Shastri. Sachin’s skill with other types of bats has also been understood. He entertained the audience by hitting some good shots.

Before that, Sachin also spoke about the India-Pakistan match. In this match, he highlighted his memory of the game. While congratulating both parties, he did not forget to express his support for India. Sachin said, “India-Pakistan is always a big match. I played against Pakistan for the first time in the 1992 Australian World Cup. Every match I played after that was very exciting. I know that both teams will give their best on the field on Sunday. Congratulations to both teams. But my support will be towards India.”

India and Pakistan have met a total of seven times in the T20 World Cup. India has won six of them. The only loss was in the 2021 World Cup group match.

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