Akshay is praised for the look of ‘Sarfira’

Akshay Kumar is appearing with his new film ‘Sarfira’ after the box office failure of ‘Bade Miya Chote Miya’. He recently posted the first look at the film on social media. Seeing the new look of ‘Khiladi’ in that poster, what is Netpara saying?

Akshay has caught a different look in the first look poster of ‘Sarafira’. Black aviator sunglasses on his eyes, a stubble on one cheek, hair cut short and slightly untidy. Akshay is staring blankly in a firm posture with his face raised slightly. Sunlight falls on his face. In faint ink on the poster is a message to the viewer: “Dream so big, people think you’re crazy!”

In the caption of the picture, the Boli star wrote, “The story of this film is about an intrepid person who showed the courage to dream big.” She also wrote, “In a role like this, the opportunity to act in a film comes once in a lifetime.” The first look at Akshay’s new film has impressed the audience. A large section of netizens applauded after seeing the poster for ‘Sorfira’.

It is said that aircraft will be an important subject in the story of this film. Besides, the audience will also get a taste of adventure in the film. Directed by Sudha Kangara, this film is a Hindi remake of the popular film ‘Surarai Pattru’. In addition to Akshay, actors and actresses like Radhika Madan, Paresh Rawal, and Seema Biswas will be seen in important roles in the film. The trailer for Sarfira will be released on the 18th of this month. And this film will be released on the big screen on July 12.

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