Congress manifesto vows to resolve Manipur crisis, slams BJP’s negligence

Manipur Pradesh Congress Party (MPCC) unveiled its manifesto for the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha Election at Congress Bhawan, with a strong emphasis on resolving the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

President of MPCC, Keisham Meghachandra, highlighted the manifesto’s commitment to addressing Manipur’s crisis, stating that the Indian National Congress (INC) views it as a matter of grave concern. Among the various pledges outlined, the party stressed on the urgent need to resolve the current crisis.

Meghachandra elaborated on the measures proposed in the manifesto, including the removal of the present state government, the establishment of a Reconciliation Commission to foster peace and unity among diverse communities, and ensuring compensation for displaced victims. Additionally, the manifesto pledged to incorporate volunteers who defended villages during the crisis into the state force and to form an inquiry commission to assess the losses incurred.

Meghachandra didn’t mince words in criticizing the BJP government at both the central and state levels, attributing the suffering of the people of Manipur to their negligence. He called upon citizens to recognize the treatment meted out by the central government and to bring about positive change in the state through informed voting.

Highlighting concerns over alleged voter bribery, Meghachandra pointed out the congregation of individuals, particularly women, near the Chief Minister’s residence during elections. He raised questions about the violation of the model code of conduct and expressed disappointment over the Election Commission’s lack of action on complaints filed by the INDIA Bloc.

Meghachandra commended the women of the state for their movements against the ongoing crisis and expressed confidence in their ability to vote based on principles rather than influence.

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