Consuming artificial food colors has harmful effects

Recently Karnataka government has ordered a complete ban on the use of synthetic food colors in chicken and fish dishes. As per studies, artificial food coloring agents may actually be linked with numerous health issues, including hyperactivity in children. In fact they may also cause allergies, digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation and heartburn. Some dyes have also been linked to cancer. This is actually very important news as we need to maintain our health by consuming good food.

Today it becomes a need to eat healthy food to stay fit. In fact right now we can get tasty food anytime from restaurant or other places but actually we need to know whether these foods are good for our health. Actually in outside food it is very common to see the use of synthetic food colors and consuming this food is actually very harmful for our health. In reality this step taken by Karnataka government is actually good and in future we need to eat healthy food by avoiding the consumption of synthetic food colors.

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