Did John come between him and Bipasha? Dino opened his mouth after so long

Modeling once had a lot of buzz. Dino Morea responded by stepping into action. The success, however, did not last long. But Dino is often in the headlines. But even today, fans are more interested in his personal life than his career. Especially with the ups and downs of his relationship with Bipasha Bose. It is claimed that John Abraham came between Dino and Bipasha. It was also alleged that Dino’s then-girlfriend was kidnapped. Dino opened his mouth about it after so long.

In a recent interview, Dino opened up about the old issue. But speculations that John took Bipasha away from him are foiled by Dino. Dino said there was never any competition between him and John. Rather, when these rumors were going on, they used to laugh and joke. According to Dino, the speculation intensified after his relationship with Bipasha broke up. A deep-rooted idea arises in people’s minds that John has taken away his lover, although it is not true.

Talking about his relationship with Bipasha, Dino said that he came to Mumbai from Bangalore. Bipasha came from Kolkata. A friend introduced them to a blind date. Both of their careers have just started. But Dino said that they got involved after that blind date. He said that even during the shooting of the film ‘Raj’, their relationship had come to a standstill.

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