Director away from home on a special day, what did Subhashree say?

On the day of the wedding anniversary of the stars in Tolipara, various pictures are seen on social media. Greetings from fans. Director Raj Chakraborty and Subhasree Gangopadhyay’s sixth wedding anniversary is on Saturday, May 11. But the special day has been forgotten, Raj! But why? What are the couple’s plans for the special day? In fact, Raj reached the party hall in Birbhum on Saturday morning for the election campaign. Everyone started wishing me a happy wedding anniversary after coming here. After that, I remembered.

Did the family have no special plans for Friday night? Raj said that no one reminded him of the special day. In his words, “It seems that everyone was testing me whether I remembered the exact day or not.” It could also be like this: Shubo might have been waiting for a surprise from me. The answer was, “Go carefully.” Raj joked, “I pass the exam every time.” I have failed this time.

Did he talk with Subhashri? Raj smiled and said, “I called. didn’t catch; she must have been angry. The mistake is mine.” What will the Raj do to respect his wife? How will he spend the whole day on Saturday? The director said, “Even if there is a desire, there is no way now. Because of Birbhum, I will go to Barrackpore and Titagarh. The campaign should be completed by four in the afternoon. It will be too late to return home.”

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