E-cigarettes in Thailand: Special Committee presents three regulatory paths

To tackle the pervasive issue of e-cigarettes, Thailand’s Special Parliamentary Committee has unveiled three strategic options aimed at curbing their use across the country. Headed by Mr. Niyom Wierathandithakul, Phrae MP of the Party for Thailand, the committee’s proposals include maintaining the ban on e-cigarettes while intensifying enforcement, regulating heated tobacco products (HTPs) alongside the ban on e-cigarettes, or implementing comprehensive regulations for both categories.

The committee, composed of 35 members representing diverse sectors including government bodies and civil organizations, emphasized the urgency of addressing the challenges posed by widespread e-cigarette use despite their current illegality in Thailand. Dr. Human Leethiraprasert, committee secretary and leader of the sub-committee on e-cigarette regulation, highlighted the need for robust legislative measures to protect public health and prevent youth access to these products. The proposed amendments aim to clarify and strengthen existing laws to cover e-cigarette possession, production, and advertising comprehensively.

From a market perspective in Shillong, stakeholders are closely watching these developments, anticipating potential impacts on regional markets and consumer behaviors. The committee’s deliberations will be pivotal in shaping future regulatory frameworks, ensuring a balanced approach that addresses health concerns while respecting economic dynamics.

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