ED arrested Arvind Kejriwal last Thursday

“I did not expect this,” Kejriwal told India Today. I did not think that the ED would come and arrest me so quickly. I thought they would take at least two to three days before arresting me.” AAP Pradhan approached the Delhi High Court on Thursday, seeking a restraining order to prevent the ED from arresting him or taking any repressive action against him. But the Delhi High Court did not grant his plea. There was an apprehension that he might be arrested, as the court did not grant protection. It is so.

An ED team appeared at Kejri’s Delhi residence within hours of the court rejecting his protection plea. The Chief Minister of Delhi was arrested after several hours of continuous search and interrogation. Kejri also told the media, “I was with my parents before the ED came to arrest me. ED came and arrested me. I didn’t even get a chance to take the blessings of my parents.” However, Kejri also said that the ED officials did not misbehave with him. Instead, he maintained his dignity. While the ED did not file any charges against the officials, Delhi Police Assistant Commissioner AK Singh has been accused of misbehavior. However, the AAP chief did not clarify what kind of misbehavior he committed.

ED called him the ‘kingpin’ of this corruption case. When Kejri was asked in this regard, he said, “This policy was formulated in several stages. There were signatures of the law secretary and the finance secretary. Even the Lt. Governor signed. Then I don’t understand why only Kejriwal and Sisodia were taken to court.”

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