Former England spinner Derek Underwood dies

LONDON : Derek Underwood, England’s best spinner in the post-World War II era, died at the age of 78 in Kent on April 15, 2024, Monday.

Underwood  held 297 wickets in 86 Tests with his  distinguishable trademark of brisk left – arm spin. 

He was  observed for  subsisting especially effectual on  discovered pitches, which were in use for much of a 24- year first – class career that ran from 1963 until 1987. 

He famously bowled England to a Test  win overarch-rivals Australia at The Oval in 1968 on such an exterior, taking 7 – 50 when a  standoff had  come across unavoidable. 

Underwood  formed his England debut as a 21- time-aged in 1966 and played his last Test in 1982. 

He formed a  famed combination for Kent and England together with outstanding wicket keeper Alan Knott. Both Underwood, affectionately nicknamed” Deadly”, and Knott might have achieved indeed more success for England had they not been including in Kerry Packer’s breakaway World Series Cricket of the late 1970s and a  revolutionary tour of South Africa in 1982. 

Indeed so, Underwood’s  count of Test wickets is 42  further than the coming highest by another England spinner, Graeme Swann. 

Former England captain Mike Atherton  talked Underwood would be” held to be England’s best spinner” indeed though he faced  distinguishable conditions from  ultramodern bowlers, who play on covered pitches and have the benefit of the decision review system in  transnational games.

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