Hardik Pandya has been criticized in IPL, brother Krunal opened his mouth standing next to him

Hardik Pandya has been criticized since he became the captain of the Mumbai Indians after replacing Rohit Sharma in the IPL. Wherever he went, he heard criticism. The team could not even respond to the poor game. He answered that by playing well in the Indian jersey in the World Cup. This time he got Dada Krunal Pandya by his side. Standing next to his brother, Krunal said that Hardik is also human. He also has emotions. He feels bad too.

Krunal wrote on Instagram, “It’s been a decade since me and Hardik started playing professional cricket. The last few days have been like a fairy tale. Like every countryman, I am very happy with the team’s achievement. But seeing my brother’s success made me even more emotional.”

He also wrote, “The last six months have been the toughest for Hardik. He didn’t deserve any of what happened to him. I feel very, very bad for him as a brother. Lots of people have said bad things, from sarcastic whistling to At the end of the day, we forgot he was a human being with emotions.”

Even after that, Krunal is impressed that Hardik has been able to play well in the country’s jersey. He said, “He has overcome all obstacles with a smile. I know how hard he used to laugh. I worked hard and did everything I needed to do well in the World Cup. A long-time dream of the Indian team has been fulfilled. Nothing is better than that.”

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