How is the Chief Minister now, after having burst into the head?

Police activity has been observed since morning at Kalighat House to see Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Many are going to see the injured Chief Minister. The Chief Minister sustained an injury to her forehead after falling at home on Thursday. She is at home. Doctors have kept her under observation. She got four stitches on her forehead and nose. Calcutta police commissioner Vineet Goyal also visited Kalighat House in the morning. DC South Bengal Priyavrata Roy arrived.

Mamata collapsed at home on Thursday evening. She has a deep wound on her forehead. The nose also hurts. At that time, Abhishek was at her house. She traveled around North Bengal and went to Kalighat. Doctors suture and dress the wound. She was taken in a wheelchair from Woodburn Ward to the nearby Bangor Neurosciences OPD building. After the necessary tests there, the Chief Minister returned to her Kalighat residence by car. Her head was bandaged.

Later, the hospital authorities said that the Chief Minister fell due to a push from behind. She needed three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose. SSKM director Manimoy Banerjee later explained that Mamata felt a push from behind when she fell. Doctors advised her to stay overnight in the hospital. But Mamata didn’t want to stay. She has been kept under observation at home.

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