In the last 16.3 overs of the 40 over game, England set several precedents

England won with power against Oman. The entire match ended in 16.3 overs. Oman batted in 13.2 overs. Scored 47 runs. England picked up that run in 3.1 overs. England sent Oman to bat first. Adil Rashid took four wickets. Jofra Archer and Mark Wood took three wickets each. Richie Tople was the only one not to take a wicket. England won the match with 16.5 overs left. What precedent was created in that match?

Win with most balls to spare: England won the match with 101 balls to spare. This is their longest win with balls to spare in a T20 World Cup. Earlier, England won against the West Indies with 70 balls to spare. That record was broken on Thursday night.

T20 World Cup History: England’s win with 101 balls to spare is a record in T20 World Cup history. In 2014, Sri Lanka won with 90 balls to spare. I lost the Netherlands. England broke that record 10 years ago.

Lowest runs: The Netherlands and Uganda scored the lowest runs in the T20 World Cup. Both teams finished with 39 runs. That record remains intact. The Netherlands finished second with 44 runs. Oman’s innings of 47 runs rank third.

Sixes in the first two balls: England’s Phil Salt hit sixes in the first two balls. Such incidents are rare in the history of T20. Last year, in the Spain vs. Isle of Man match, the first two balls of the innings were sixes. After that, the incident was repeated on Thursday.

Adil Rashid example: English spinner Adil Rashid took 4 wickets against Oman. It ranks third in the list of best bowling performances by English bowlers in T20 internationals. He is also in second place. First up is Sam Karen. He took five wickets and 10 runs in one match. He was the only bowler for England to take five wickets.

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