Jaideep lost 23 kg in 5 months, how is it possible?

Netflix’s new film, ‘Maharaj’. Actor Jaydeep Ahlawat is seen in the lead role. His perfect performance as the king on screen has already captivated the audience. But more than that, the practice is continuing with the change in Jaydeep’s appearance. Those who have seen the film know that there is no resemblance between the Jaideep of the screen and the Jaideep of six months ago. The actor’s appearance has undergone a drastic change. Even a few months ago, when the actor came out in public, he wasn’t as lean and svelte.

Seeing Jaideep in a new form on the screen, many people are a little surprised. At the same time, curiosity is also working in the mind. How did the actor completely change himself? The actor himself answered the questions and curiosities of the audience and fans, who shed weight with the touch of a magic wand in such a short time. On Monday, he posted two pictures from five months ago and the next on Instagram. Those two pictures show that, in the middle period, he went through strict rules and hard work.

Joydeep’s weight was 109 kg. He has lost 26 kg in 5 months. Now his weight is 83 kg. Five months ago, Joydeep’s Madhya Pradesh was gross. The face was fat. But his new form is completely different. The pot is gone. Lean, muscular appearance. For example, men strive to get looks. From diet to exercise, there is no shortage of effort. However, many cannot reach the goal. However, the actor said that he became thin by going to the gym and sweating. He posted a new picture from the gym.

Actors need to change their appearance according to the character. Sometimes you have to gain weight, and sometimes you have to lose it. Changing appearances for the sake of character is part of acting. Actors also do it with great dedication. Jaideep said that it was not easy to change myself. However, if you work hard in the right way, the impossible can be achieved. Jaideep thanks his gym trainer, Prajal, for all this. The actor said that he lost weight by following the routine and rules given by the trainer. He has kept the matter under wraps, whether he followed any special rules for eating or not.

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