Jitendra Kumar on rumours that he’s the highest paid actor on Panchayat 3: It is unfair to discuss someone’s salary

Bollywood actor Jitendra Kumar, popularly known as Jeetu Bhaiya, recently addressed rumours about his salary for the hit TVF series Panchayat 3. Reports suggested that he was the highest-paid actor, earning Rs 70,000 per episode.

In a statement to Hindustan Times, Jitendra showed his discomfort with discussions about financial matters and salaries, considering them unfair and unproductive.

“Discussing somebody’s salary and financial matters is really unfair,” he said. “Nothing good comes out of the discussion, and it’s not even fruitful. So, I think one should avoid falling for any such rumors; they should not be a thing.”

As per the reports by ABP Live, Kumar’s alleged salary of Rs 70,000 per episode for Panchayat 3 made him the highest-paid actor of the season. The series, which released in late May, consists of eight episodes in the third season, totaling an estimated salary of Rs 5,60,000 for Jitendra Kumar. Actress Neena Gupta, who plays Manju Devi, followed closely behind, reportedly getting paid Rs 50,000 per episode.

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