Mithun’s conversation with his ex-lover on the plane

Actor Mithun Chakraborty was heartbroken at one point. The lover left suddenly. Recently, he revealed his past in a reality show. Before becoming famous, the actor had to fight a lot to make a place in the film world. And at that time his heart broke. A contestant was devastated by a love breakup on the reality show. The actor said, “This is what happened to me. fell in love I went crazy. That’s what happened after that. The girl left. After that, time changed. I became a star. After that, I became a bigger star.

Mithun also said, “One day I will be flying. That girl was also on that plane. But she was not looking into my eyes. I got up and went towards her. I asked, “Why are you not looking at me?” She then looked. It seemed that she was repenting. I told her to make it easy: ‘Then what you did, you did right’.”

Mithun said that the girl was somewhat reassured after hearing this. The girl said, “I think I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done that then.” Mithun replied, ”If you hadn’t done all this, maybe you wouldn’t have become such a big star.”

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