Mumbai captain faces BCCI punishment after team collapse

Hardik Pandya will be punished next time for the mistake made in the IPL this time. The Mumbai Indians captain has been suspended. Mumbai had a slow overrate in three matches in the IPL this time. Hardik has been punished for that reason. Hardik is the second captain after Rishabh Pant to receive this punishment. According to IPL rules, if a team fails to complete 20 overs within three attempts, the captain of that team is punished.

Hardik’s Mumbai Indians made the mistake of slowing the rate twice earlier. Hardik was fined. 30 percent of Hardik’s match fee was deducted for making the same mistake the third time. Also suspended for one match. Since the Mumbai Indians have no more matches left in this IPL, Hardik will not be able to play the first match of the next IPL.

Hardik is the captain of the five-time IPL-winning Mumbai Indians. He was made captain before the start of the IPL this time. Rohit Sharma was replaced by Hardik. But the competition did not go well for Mumbai. They are at the bottom of the table with 10 points lost in 14 matches. They have to finish last in the IPL this time.

Mumbai lost against the Lucknow Super Giants on Friday. Batting first, Lucknow scored 215 runs. Mumbai’s innings stopped at 196 runs, chasing that run. Hardik’s team could not finish the over in time in that match. Because of that, Mumbai had to be punished.

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