‘Our main challenge is anonymity’: Dr. Shriram Nene on getting married to Madhuri Dixit

Legendary actress Madhuri Dixit who is married to non-actor Dr. Shriram Nene opens about marrying a bollywood actress and the challenges he had to go through. As he had no idea of Madhuri Dixit being a actress and how’s their life.

Dr. Nene being a American, shares that his life is very different here due to lots of ties. He says, “I don’t know her like that. She is my wife and partner, and my encouragement to people is be what you always wanted to be and support the people with you. We are partners in a marriage where we look out for each other forever. If you develop that kind of relationship, it doesn’t matter what they did. I never knew her past history and she never knew mine. We came from very different worlds yet similar. Like sub-region Maharashtra, same kind of language and background. Neither of us thought that this would happen. I would say this is the most amazing thing in my life.”

Further Nene said, “Our main challenge is anonymity. We just wanted to put our pants in one leg at a time and behave like normal people. The luckiest thing is we both enjoy that. We are very grateful for everything.”

Dr. Nene has also praised, Madhuri, by saying, “She is so down to earth and the way she treats everyone including her fans, same with me, we are both very respectful. We try to be good people. And I think, that should be the mantra for all of us. That will lead us to a better society. My kids have adopted it which I am charmed by to death.”

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