Panchayat season 3: Durgesh Kumar on being praised shares about getting thrown out of NSD, getting rejected for PK

Most anticipated series ‘Panchayat’ season 3 has been released, actor Durgesh Kumar has been receiving high praise for his performance in the series.

Durgesh Kumar has been working in the industry for a long time now, during an interview he shared about how he was thrown out of NSD, got rejected from PK and more.

Durgesh said, “A friend of mine who worked at Mukesh Chhabra’s casting agency called me to audition for PK, but later he informed me that I was not selected for the film. He then told me that I bagged a role in Imtiaz Ali’s Highway. It was a 45-day schedule from Gurgaon to Jammu and Kashmir. That time I took a 45-day leave from the repertory. Because of the rules, I was thrown out of the repertory. I felt very bad that time. It was a low point for me.”

He shared more about his journey, saying, “There was a time when my father had a brain hemorrhage, and at the same time I was getting calls to do Panchayat season two, Bhakshak, and Laapataa Ladies. I shot Bhakshak while I was in Darbhanga. I would travel to Lucknow by train to shoot and return home. I told my brother that I would not do Laapataa Ladies since my father was not well, but he told me that it’s an Aamir Khan production, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so to do it. My brother assured me that he would look after my father, and that’s when I did Laapataa Ladies.”

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