Priyanka Chopra went to visit Ramlala along with her husband and daughter

Priyanka Chopra came to India last week. The actress returned to the country after a long time. Priyanka first came alone with her daughter, Malati Mary Chopra. Her husband, Nick Jonas, arrived a couple of days later. After that, three people, together with Mother Madhu Chopra, went to the Ramlala temple in Ayodhya. Gave puja, visited Ramlala. Priyanka wears a yellow saree and a small malati on her lap. She is also wearing a floral churidar, and Nick is wearing a kurta-pajama. ‘Desi Girl’ went to visit Ayodhya Temple. Ramlala was also invited to the birth ceremony. But Priyanka could not be seen at that event as she could not stay in the country at that time. However, after three days of returning home, Priyanka went to seek Ramlala’s blessings.

She has brought 10 days of time. She has several new projects in hand. But not for film work, but for the promotion of various brands. But in the meantime, she was seen entering the house of the directors of Bolipara. Recently, the actress went to Farhan Akhtar’s house. Speculations started just after I saw her at Farhan’s house. Some of the netizens suspect that Priyanka is talking about the film ‘Zee Le Zara’, or is it just a courtesy call?

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