Ranveer did not move away from Prashant Verma’s film, what did the actor say?

Hanuman director Prashant Varma’s film Ranveer Singh did not withdraw. Rumors that have been heard in whispers for so long are now known to be completely false. Ranveer is working on Prashant Varma’s upcoming film. A member of Prashant’s team confirmed this. What did he say? A source told Hindustan Times, ‘It is completely false that Prashant Verma and Ranveer Singh are no longer working together. There was no creative difference between them. And for that, Ranveer Singh has stepped away from the Prashant Cinematic Universe, which is also wrong.’

He said at the same time, ‘On the contrary, he did the shooting. The shooting of this film is going on in Hyderabad. He was present at the Hanuman Jayanti Day puja. The shooting of this film is going on until about 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Ranveer has already shot in a lot of places. However, this film has not been officially announced yet.

Prashant Varma’s film will be called Rakshas. And Ranveer Singh will not work there. He has stepped down because of creative differences. At the same time, Ranveer and Deepika have a new member coming to their family. So he did not want to work on this film because he would give time to his family. But now it is known that all those words are untrue.

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