Ratna Pathak Shah claims she had no work for a year due to no Instagram handle

Ratna Pathak Shah who is one of the finest actress of the bollywood industry, has worked for years in many hit films. The actress has also recently appeared at Cannes Film Festival.

Ratna Pathak has shared about being unemployed for a year as she has no social media accounts. The actress discussed about how ‘Instagram’ these days has become very essential.

Ratna Pathak during an interview was asked if looks are more important than an actor’s craft, to which, Ratna said, “Yes, the answer is simply yes. I don’t know how to blame actors for that because these are the things that are asked and are focused on. Depending on the number of followers, people are getting work today. That is what I have heard. Nobody approached me for work because I am not on Instagram, so maybe can than be a reason possibly. I have been completely unemployed for a whole year now. So these are the kind of things that do seem to matter a lot. What to do also? Where will someone go and learn acting from if they want to learn the craft? It’s quite difficult.”

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