Stark got 25 crores, Rinku 55 lakhs, What did the cricketer say in this context?

Pay imbalance in IPL too. Rinku Singh, who is said to be the middle man of the KKR team, has the lowest income from this year’s IPL. But last time he won the match, which he lost in Ahmedabad by coming in the last over. Gujarat’s bowler of the day bowled Yash Dayal with 31 runs to win the team.

Since then, hope has been born among the cricketers, coaches, and fans of the Knight team that everything is possible when Rinku is at the crease. He can stake his life on the field to win the game. Why is his salary so low? When Rinku was signed by KKR in 2018, his base prize was Rs 20 lakh. Then it increased to 80 lakh rupees, but this time, surprisingly, his salary was reduced by 25 lakh rupees. The more endorsements a cricketer has, the higher his rating.

Mitchell Starc got 25 crores; you only got 55 lakhs; don’t you feel bad? Rinku didn’t answer at first. Later, however, in the manner of a philosopher, he said, “No, I don’t feel bad. Once upon a time, I had nothing in my life. Then I achieved everything. I have seen what lack is in my life. Once someone gave me a five- or ten-rupee note, what a joy it would have been! There, I am getting 55 lakh rupees a year; that’s it or less!

Nightstar’s feet are on the ground more clearly after hearing more of his words. Rinku said, “We have not brought anything into life; I will not take anything. I am content with a little. Because, as I know, people cannot be judged by money. I never saw how much money anyone else made. So what I got, that will be mine!”

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