Recently sit-in-demonstration were staged in Manipur

Recently sit-in-demonstration were staged in Manipur demanding abrogation of Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement with Kuki militant groups. Actually torch rallies were also organized across valley districts with women participating in the rallies. In fact the demonstrations also raised demands like implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and withdrawal of “double standard” Assam Rifles from Manipur. This is actually very serious news as today Manipur is facing many problems and people actually need peace to live good life.

Today in every corner of the world tension is going on and people actually need peace. Actually India clearly mentioned that it is not the time for war and for this reason everyone supports India a lot. But today Manipur has become very serious issue in India and it is needed to be solved. In reality people need to have a good understanding with each other so that peace is maintained and live a good life without any conflict.  

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