Rohit is unhappy with the World Cup schedule

Various teams have complained about the errors of organization in the T20 World Cup. India also spoke of not having enough facilities to practice. This time, the anger of the Indian team is about the schedule of the Super 8. Rohit Sharma himself spoke about this.

India will have to play three matches in five days in the Super 8. The first match is on June 20. The opponent is Afghanistan. After this, there is a Bangladesh vs. Australia match. Rohit said, “The remaining matches should be played within three to four days of the first match. The schedule is a bit stressful. Because after that, he said, “But we are used to this kind of pressure. We have to travel a lot between games. So it cannot be an excuse for us.”

Unbeaten in the group stage, the Indian team is confident. Earlier, the Indian Cricket Board released a video of Virat Kohli’s and Arshdeep Singh’s cheerful mood. This time, BCCI released the video of Rohit’s speech. The captain’s words captured the confidence and determination of the Indian team. Rohit said, “Everyone in the team is keen to do something special. Everyone wants to make a difference. We are practicing very seriously for that. Trying to strengthen areas of expertise. We are trying to use the time before the first match of the Super Eight.

The Indian team reached Barbados from America four days before the Afghanistan match. The Rohites got some chance to adapt to the pitch and the weather there. About the team’s goal in the Super 8 phase, Rohit said, “We want to focus on our strengths and areas of expertise. As a team, we want to make sure that we do what we want to do. We have enough experience playing in the West Indies. Everyone in the team knows who should do what. Who should do what? Everyone in the team wants to look ahead. We are all very excited to reach this stage of the T20 World Cup.”

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