Two times stronger than TNT, bomb made by Indian Navy

Apart from the atomic bomb, the Indian Navy developed one of the most powerful bombs in the world. Recently, all tests of this bomb were completed, and it got full marks. Multiple reports have claimed that this bomb, developed by the Navy, is twice as powerful as ordinary TNT (trinitrotoluene).

This explosive called ‘SebX 2’ is now called the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the country. It is manufactured by Economic Explosives Limited. And all the tests of this bomb were done by the Indian Navy’s Defense Export Promotion Scheme. According to their report, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb India currently possesses is one and a half times more lethal than TNT. And the most commonly used explosive is 1.30 times more powerful. But this new explosion outclassed the others.

Experts believe that adding this explosive to artillery cells and warheads will make them more powerful. It is natural that the Indian Army will also accept that idea. According to sources, Economic Explosives Limited is already working on making another such powerful bomb. It will be more powerful than ‘SebX 2’. It is expected to be ready before 2025.

Apart from these two explosives, another bomb called ‘Sitbex 1’ was made and tested. But it is not as strong as these. According to army sources, this bomb is the first thermobaric explosive manufactured by Economic Explosives Limited.

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