Urfi javed cut all the hair why?

Urfi Javed surprised the photo hunters again and again in fancy clothes. Although criticized at one time, she is now the ‘fashion icon’ of this generation. Urfi surprised the netizens once again. She shaved her head. Mastak Mundane shared the picture on social media. In the picture, it is seen that Urfi is sitting in the car. From there, she posted a personal one. Her fans were shocked after seeing that picture. One person commented, “Please tell me it’s not true. You have used a ‘filter’.”

Urfi has created a stir in the net world with this film in her familiar mood. Did Urfi really cut off all her hair? Many people think that it is not a difficult task for Urfi. But the real truth did not escape the eyes of some fans. One commented, “Obviously you used a filter. Hair is visible near the neck.

As you can see from the picture, Urfi has posted this picture using a funny filter. Incidentally, Urfi is in Diwakar Banerjee’s film ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka 2’. She is acting in an open scene. But her character is known to be a ‘cameo’. The director says, “I like Urfi’s ‘virtual avatar’. She has the ability to challenge herself directly. I like the way she dresses boldly.”

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