What is the advice of a specialist in liver disease?

The day was first started in 2010 by the European Association for the Study of the Liver. Since then, every year on April 19 is celebrated as World Liver Day. There is only one purpose for observing this special day. Keeping the liver healthy is the largest organ in the body. Because there is a risk of other diseases from liver disease. Fatty liver is the root of many other diseases.

Fatty liver means more than just liver problems. After this, more and more problems started to appear. That is, this disease is not limited to one organ. Spread in various forms in various organs. The doctor gave a list of diseases that can be caused by fatty livers.

1) Cardiovascular, i.e., the risk of heart disease increases. 
2) may have high blood pressure. 
3) Blood sugar can increase. 
4) A high blood pressure problem may occur. 
5) Triglycerides increase in the blood. 
6) Also, fatty liver and diabetes can cause kidney problems. This problem was caught much later. Because kidney problems are not easily diagnosed,.

Obesity is the main cause of fatty liver disease. But the name of fatty liver disease has changed now. Earlier, it was called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. But according to the decision of scientists at the international level, its new name is Metabolic Dysfunctional Associated Steatotic Liver Disease.

Dr. Debashis Dutta says that weight loss is the most important. Along with this, the diet should also be changed. There are different types of treatment. But the doctor thinks that it is difficult to get rid of this disease if we do not make changes in this primary place.

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