Yalini is busy talking with brother Yuvan with four combs on her head

Subhasree Gangopadhyay became a mother for the second time in November of last year. After the birth of her daughter, the actress returned to work after taking a break for a few days. The couple has kept the little one Yalini away from social media so far. But this time, Subhasree Gangopadhyay posted pictures of her two children on social media. Brother Yuvan is seen sitting next to the window and talking with his sister.

Little Yalini sits on her father’s lap with not one but four combs on her head. Yuvan listens to his sister. Yalini also listens to her brother, who is spellbound. In love posted this picture, and the actress wrote, ‘Morning words.’ However, despite all this, the star couple did not show their daughter’s face. The picture was taken from the back of the little one. So this time also, the desire to see Raj-Shubashree’s daughter was not satisfied.

After the birth of Yuvan, the boy’s face was shown on social media, but even after the girl is six months old, neither Raj nor Subhasree have yet shown Yalini’s face. However, there is no end to the frenzy among their fans about the little one. A few days ago, it was the sixth wedding anniversary of this star couple. Being busy with work, Raj accidentally forgot about this special day. But Subhasree did not forget to congratulate him on his wedding anniversary. The director also admitted his mistake. So now Raj is seen giving more time to the family.

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