10 dead as two helicopters collide in mid-air in Malaysia

Army helicopter exercises were going on in Malaysia on the occasion of the Navy’s anniversary. During the exercise, the two helicopters came close to each other. After that, the two helicopters collided. Two helicopters crashed at the Naval Parade Ground. The Royal Malaysian Navy issued a statement saying that at least 10 people died in this incident.

The helicopter exercise began at around 9:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday. The exercise was held at the Lumut Naval Base in Perak. Navy sources informed me that this accident happened at that time. It is also reported that there were 10 people, including the pilot, in the two helicopters. All have died. A video of the incident has surfaced. However, Anandabazar Online has not verified the authenticity of the video.

In the video, it is seen that 6-7 helicopters are practicing together. Suddenly, a helicopter turns towards another helicopter. As a result, two copters came very close. Then the rotor of one helicopter collided with the other. After that, it was seen that the helicopter hit the parade ground after eating two balls. Hulsthul fell after this incident. A helicopter rescue was arranged for the occupants. But all are known to have died. The bodies were recovered and sent to Lumut Army Hospital.

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