A Chinese woman died after falling into a fire in Indonesia

A Chinese woman fell into the crater of a volcano while taking photos. He died on the spot. The location is a tourism park adjacent to the Izen volcano in Indonesia. This park is built around the volcano. Huang Leong, a resident of China, went there with her husband on Saturday.

According to a report by the New York Post, the dead young woman went to the very end of the volcano without ignoring the warning. According to the travel company that took the young woman and her husband to Indonesia, the tour guide repeatedly warned the couple. But the young woman reached the crater to ‘take a good picture’. After that, unable to keep control, she fell from a height of 75 meters into the fiery mouth of the volcano. The rescuers recovered the body of the young woman after about two hours of effort.

In 2018, this Izen volcano in Indonesia woke up for the last time. At that time, the administration had evacuated many people to protect the locals from the lava flow. 30 injured people were admitted to the hospital. Although currently dormant, the volcano emits small amounts of toxic gases and smoke almost every day. After that, however, the Indonesian administration has continued to operate the tourism park.

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