Zeenat Aman Remembers She Broke Her Mother’s Heart When She Eloped It Mended With The Birth Of My First Son

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman often shares pictures related to her life on social media. In a recent post, she shared two pictures of her late mother Sindha Heinz and wrote how her mother gave up her career to help Zeenat when she decided to become an actor.

Zeenat wrote about her good and bad times and admitted that she broke her mother’s heart when she ran away. In 1985, Zeenat married Mazhar Khan.

Zeenat shared a picture of her mother with her father Amanullah Khan and another picture with her stepfather, whom she called Uncle Heinz. He described his mother as an extraordinary woman who was his “safe haven” and “a woman who stayed ahead of the curve”.

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