A clove of garlic on an empty stomach every day, what do the doctors say?

There are many benefits of raw garlic. So many people eat a clove of garlic every morning on an empty stomach. Nutritionists also recommend eating a clove of raw garlic daily to keep the body healthy. Garlic is undoubtedly healthy. But not for everyone. Despite being full of health benefits, who will avoid garlic?

Doctors say this rule is not applicable to everyone. Those who have stomach problems after eating garlic should avoid this food in the summer. Those who don’t have much trouble can reduce the amount of garlic they consume this summer. If you have high blood pressure, try not to eat raw garlic in the summer. Eating garlic in hot weather can increase blood pressure. Apart from this, those who have stomach gas and heartburn problems should not eat raw garlic.

Eating too much garlic can cause blood sugar levels to drop too much. Which can become problematic for diabetics. Diabetic patients need to maintain balance in their blood sugar levels. Not too much, not too little. High sugar levels are just as problematic as low sugar levels. However, it is possible to keep diabetes under control by eating in moderation. A strong odor comes out of the body when it is suffocating. Many people do. More so in the summer. But if you have this problem, it is better not to eat too much garlic. Eating garlic can increase body odor.

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