A part of the house collapsed on Pathuriaghata road

Part of the house collapsed again in Kolkata. A part of an old house collapsed suddenly on Friday evening in Ward No. 21 of Kolkata Municipality. It is not yet clear how the house collapsed. According to sources, two people were trapped in the debris. The fire department went and rescued them. The police, fire brigade, and disaster management team reached the spot.

Abhe Pathuriaghata Street is in the Gardenrich and Boubazar sections. Part of the house collapsed there. Promotional work was going on in that area. A house was being demolished to build a new flat. Eyewitnesses claimed that the old construction was being demolished using a ‘vibrator’ device in the house where the promotion was going on. A part of a neighboring house collapsed due to the impact of that machine.

As a result, two residents of that house got stuck in the rubble.The fire brigade went and rescued them. Local legislator and state minister Shashi Panja came to the spot after receiving the news. Shashi said two residents were trapped in the part of the house that collapsed. The minister also claimed that they had been rescued safely. The municipality also declared the building, in which part of the house collapsed, as dangerous. In the evening, it collapsed.

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