Actress Payal gave the reason regarding her marriage with Sourav Ganguly

Since the end of 2023, Tolipara has been witnessing one star marriage after another. But there are many among the stars whose relationships or marriages have left fans curious. Like actress Payal Sarkar. Why is she not getting married yet? Recently, the actress told the reason on a television program. What exactly did the actress say?

Payal said in front of host Sourav Gangopadhyay, “Many people ask, Why am I single?” In any Bengali family, a daughter’s fathers are actually so possessive” Maharaj’s question stopped the actress: “So you are single for your parents?” Payal said, “Absolutely so. I can’t find the right person for them, let alone a suitable partner for myself.” Payal cannot find a life partner under the pressure of her parents. When the question was put to the actress, she said, “Let me tell you in advance; I have told the whole thing under the guise of fun.

Payal’s words: “If you are single, you can spend your life as per your convenience.” At the same time, Payal believes that when people start living with someone, they can realize the advantages or disadvantages of being alone. The whole thing depends on the mentality of the person. But whether it will be liked by everyone then also remains to be seen.” Is Payal in a relationship now, or is she single? She smiled and said, “Why should I say? I don’t understand why I have to say whether I am in a relationship or not!

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