After the covid again what has the fear of scientists?

There has been a long-standing fear that a terrible epidemic will spread even more than Corona. But what will be the severity of that disease? It has been guessed for a long time. Scientists are so worried. They are gripped by renewed fear of bird flu, which is thought to be 100 times more likely than COVID.

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world has almost come to a standstill. Not to mention the horrors of Corona. Four years later, the source of the epidemic is still being debated. In this situation, scientists have already claimed that more epidemics are coming. This time, there was a new concern about bird flu.

Another researcher, John Fulton, said that the risk of spreading the new bird flu infection will also increase the death rate. After the virus spreads from animals and birds to humans, it will initially take a more dangerous form. In this context, a report by the World Health Organization has made researchers and scientists even more worried. The WHO says 52 of every 100 people infected with the H5N1 virus have died since 2003. Mortality: 50 percent! Therefore, if a new epidemic starts with this virus, then it is difficult to predict where it will end.

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