Bisleri and TERI Launches a Pioneering Study on ‘Water Credits’ Poised to Transform Water Conservation Initiatives

Bisleri International, India’s leading mineral water company along with the TERI School of Advanced Studies has started an innovative study titled ” Water Credits: Impact-Adjusted Virtual Water Footprint”.

This joined effort sets a benchmark for the beverage industry’s commitment to water conservation.

The study aims to set up a framework for water credits, akin to carbon credits, to upgrade sustainable water management. Unlike carbon emissions, water savings need a localized approach, factoring in variables such as rainfall and consumption at a watershed level.

The study analyses the overall water footprint of the beverage industry, providing a comprehensive understanding of water consumption across its entire value chain. The  final results will be shared with the Government of India to facilitate significant discussions and framework development, boosting the concept of water credits to become a reality.

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