Bollywood film editors shares about how direction & editing works in the movies

Top film editors Nitin Baid and Antara Lahiri worked with top filmmakers and production houses in Bollywood has shared about actors acting in terms of editing. The editors revealed how a poor acting of an actor is to be enhanced, manipulated through editing.

Antara said, “One of the basics of editing is that you will be enhancing , improving, manipulating performance in some way or the other. It’s never a surprise that you have to end up doing that. But the multi-camera system has made some things very easy, because if something isn’t working, you have tonnes to cut to. Most directors also get a sense of the performance very early on. There are flags that are raised early on.”

Editors continued, “Even with weak actors, I look at it differently. They have a certain range, and even the audience has certain expectations from them. It’s interesting to try and surpass that expectation. And that’s something I discuss with directors also, that a certain actor is being perceived in a certain way, and how do we shift that perception… When the director is very, very clear, they will know how to handle a performance that isn’t the strongest.”

The editors also shared about actors performances are always based on directors demand. Nitin shared, “When you’re doing a Karan Johar or Rohit Shetty film, there’s a different kind of acting you’re aiming for. There’s an amped-up aspect to it, compared to the same Ranveer in a different film.”

Further, the film editors has also mentioned Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt scenes are always enjoyable.

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