Precious jewels in the sense of forgery, again ED calls the bollywood actress

Jacqueline Fernandez was summoned by the ED again. On Wednesday morning, summons were issued against the Bollywood actress for fresh questioning in an old financial corruption case. According to sources, the Enforcement Directorate wants to interrogate Jacqueline because of her relationship with the accused, Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

The 38-year-old Bali actress is facing interrogation in 2021. Although she is actually a citizen of Sri Lanka, she has been associated with Bollywood for a long time. Allegedly, Sukesh Chandrasekhar used to cheat people from the upper echelons of society and cheat them financially. Sukesh was accused of extorting Tk 200 crore from Aditi Singh, wife of Shivinder Mohan Singh, the head of a private health organization.

The ED claimed that Sukesh used to buy expensive gifts for Jacqueline with the forged money. In the charge sheet filed in 2022, it was claimed that the actress accepted all those expensive gifts and precious jewelry despite being aware of Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s crime. ED has already questioned Jacqueline five times in this regard. Each time, the actress claimed that she knew nothing about Sukesh’s criminal tendencies.

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