CID’s Daya and Abhijeet are coming back; New show deets inside

The iconic crime show CID with its iconic characters kept fans glued to their screens for almost three decades before it went off-air. Now we have learned that actors Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand Shetty, who played Abhijeet and Daya respectively, are coming back! However, there’s a twist! The dynamic duo will not be repeated their roles; Shetty confirmed, “Yes, we are making a comeback, but not as Abhijeet and Daya.”

Actors Dayanand Shetty and Aditya Srivastava in a scene from CID So, how exactly are they coming back? Well, this time it won’t be about solving the crime – it’ll be all about satisfying wanderlust and taste buds! Srivastava spills the beans, “Daya and I have been crime-solving partners for 20 years, and our bond is unbreakable. Our old CID crew came up with this brilliant idea of ​​a travel show, and we’re preparing to launch it.” It will be on YouTube in May.

A rollercoaster full of travel stories and foodie fun. Get ready for the ride, we have already explored Satara, Maharashtra, and now we are having fun in Goa.

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