Let’s look back at the birthday of the singer from his career to his personal life

He is the life of Ziaganj in Murshidabad. However, the pulse of that life conquered the whole country and is equally bright in foreign lands. Arijit Singh. Number one singer in the country. His songs range from eight to eighty. From new-generation love to breakups, Arijit’s song is connected to every moment. But Arijit is a man of the earth. He goes around on a scooter in skimpy clothes. But do you know that Arijit can give a lot of ace as a property?

According to sources, Arijit has four flats in Mumbai. The price of which is about 9 crore rupees. But not just flats. Arijit’s garage has all the luxury cars. There is a Range Rover Vogue, a Hummer H3, and a Mercedes Benz. According to the same source, the country’s number one singer has an annual income of 72 crores and a monthly income of 6 crores. According to a Forbes list, Arijit earned Rs 71 crore in 2019.

Arijit participated in the reality show ‘Fame Gurukul’. But he could not be the best in that show. After that incident, he was secretly preparing himself. Then Arijit came with a bang.

In 2011, with the song ‘Phir Mohabbate’ from the movie ‘Murder 2’. Then, one by one, the ‘dua’ of Shanghai. However, in 2013, Arijit created a sensation by singing the songs ‘Tum Hi Ho’ and ‘Chahu Main Na’ from Aashiqui 2. After that, there was no looking back. Arijit’s song means super hit. Who has so many awards? Rather, he prefers to ride a scooter on the streets of Jiaganj after the fatwa. It was Arijit who turned 36 on Thursday.

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