Do you know what will happen if you eat a mango every day?

Jayasthmas is a time when both raw and ripe mangoes are available in the market. Ripe mangoes are mainly eaten as fruit. Raw mangoes can be eaten by adding them to various recipes. Which is more beneficial, says nutritionist Avni Kaul? Raw mangoes are rich in vitamin C. As a result, immunity is strengthened. Along with glowing skin, this fruit helps with weight control and digestion.

Raw mangoes are more effective than ripe mangoes on blood sugar due to their lower sugar content. Raw mango relieves constipation. Electrolytes like potassium and magnesium in raw mango help maintain body fluid balance. This fruit is also effective in removing dehydration and detoxifying. Ripe mangoes are rich in vitamin A. It is a very useful tool for maintaining good eyesight. Ripe mango prevents oxidative stress and inflammation by boosting immunity.

Apart from giving glowing, smooth skin, ripe mango does not show signs of aging on the face. Maintains skin elasticity by maintaining collagen supply. Which mango is more beneficial, raw or unripe, depends on the individual’s health characteristics. If one wants to get rid of indigestion, raw mango is the best option for hydration and detoxification.

Eat raw mango to keep blood sugar under control. But ripe mangoes are more beneficial for strengthening skin, hair shine, overall immunity, and eyesight. Because it contains more vitamins and antioxidants. Both raw and ripe mangoes are beneficial. But it should be eaten according to the specific problem.

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