Esha Malviya reveals why she broke up with Samarth Jurel

Actress Eisha Malviya’s personal life came on public display in Bigg Boss 17 with both her ex-boyfriend, actor Abhishek Kumar and then-boyfriend, actor Samarth Jurel inside the house. Malviya and Jurel’s relationship was revealed during the show and they were also eliminated as a couple. However, recently news came out that both of them have broken up. When asked about this, Isha said that this news is true, but it has come a month late.

“The breakup happened after coming out of Bigg Boss. I still remember that at the Holi party, Samarth and I were trying to pretend that we still had good relations. We were talking and dancing, but after that it was not happening. So, we stopped pretending and we moved on.

The Udaariyaan actress insists that she has always followed her heart when it comes to her personal life. she is now listening to her parents. “I do what I like and I will do the same in future also. But I have to listen to my parents. Right now his statement on my personal life is that all these things will keep happening, so you should pay attention to it later. Right now, it is very important for me to focus on my professional life,” she says, “This time will not come back, and I do not want to regret later that when I had time to concentrate on work, I was involved in other things. So, right now I am listening to my parents and whatever is done is done. Now I am concentrating on my work and I am happy.

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