How is Alia struggling with the problem?

That is the most neglected! Most people work day after day with pain in their hearts. The result is never good. A lot of things change after the birth of a baby. A mother’s life becomes completely child-centered. The stress of coping with so many changes often leads to exhaustion. Fatigue comes to many after childbirth.

But if it continues day after day, it needs to be considered. The symptoms of depression vary greatly from person to person. Some lose their appetite, and some lose weight quickly. There may be constant nausea, insomnia, guilt for no reason, and pain in various places. Alia faced the same problem after the birth of her daughter, Raha.

I went to therapy every week to relieve this anxiety. After the therapy, I realized that motherhood is not a matter of learning in a day; there is something to learn every day. Do not imitate anyone in this case. No one has all the answers. Alia said, “I started taking mental therapy for the first time during the lockdown.

I was going through a difficult situation at the time, so it seemed like the perfect time to seek therapy. When I started, many other problems came up that I might not have known about myself. Being an actress, I have to stand in front of the camera, so after Raha’s birth, I was worried about my weight. Then I took the help of exercise, diet, and therapy to keep my mind calm.”

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