Child admitted to hospital after eating expired chocolate

The country is shaking with the news of the tragic death of a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl. It is known that this incident happened in Patiala, Punjab. The police have started investigating the incident, and the health department is also investigating separately. It was reported that chocolate was bought from a grocery store in Patiala and fed to the child. After that, the child fell into the lap of death.

The family claims that the child’s mouth started bleeding as soon as she took a bite of that chocolate. She was rushed to the Christian Medical College. But her situation started to deteriorate in no time. Examination shows that the child’s body has been poisoned. Initially, the police thought that there was something poisonous in the chocolate. A complaint has been filed by the family.

Health department officials collected chocolate samples from the grocery store. It was found that the chocolate was expired. Several expired food items were seized from the shop. Doctors claim that expired food can often cause poisoning. It can lead to death. Death depends on what kind of food and what age the poison entered the body of the person.

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