In classical chess for the first time 18 year old R Praggnanandhaa beats Magnus Carlsen

Recently in classical chess for the first time India’s 18-year-old chess Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa defeated world number one Magnus Carlsen. Actually he achieved the feat during the third round of the Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger on this Wednesday. In fact Carlsen and Praggnanandhaa had also drawn their previous three encounters in this format. Actually chess is very difficult game and players have to use their intelligence so that they win the game.

Today India has very good position in Chess and it is actually very famous game which is followed all over the world. In fact everyone should play Chess as it is very good for their brain in many ways. If you see R Praggnanandhaa is actually very talented and in this small age he has achieved many things in Chess game. In reality India should maintain their performance in Chess like this and actually R Praggnanandhaa had make India proud by this win.

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