What is the message of Indian captain Sunil before the farewell match?

The Indian football team arrived in Kolkata on Wednesday. They will play against Kuwait on June 6 in Yuva Bharati. Sunil Chhetri’s last international match was that World Cup qualifying match. A few days ago, he posted that on social media. This time, Sunil posted a post before that match. He said, counting the days.

Sunil wrote in his post, “These are the last few days. There is an oscillation in the mind. I have not been on the national team for a long time. What should I do? Should every day and every practice count? Shouldn’t you think about all this? Should I be left thinking that will be seen? I am in this dilemma. Many say to count blessings. It’s a blessing for me to be able to go on the field every day. I have never taken to the field in a casual way. So I make every practice count. But no worries. Rather, I owe it to football. We owe it to our team. If possible, I would have boxed this time.”

On Wednesday, over fifty visitors turned up at the airport to welcome Sunil. Long banners were with them. As soon as the Sunils came out, they started shouting their names. A few football players got personal with the fans. Sunil got on the bus, smiling. Sit in the front seats and wave and bow to supporters.

Indian team coach Igor Stimach wants to fill the field on June 6. He said, “Match has a different importance. This is Sunil’s last match. On top of that, we are one step away from reaching the third round of the qualification stage for the first time. Hopefully, Salt Lake Stadium will be full. Fans are expected to come from different parts of India. Everyone wants to say goodbye to Sunil. The match is going to be very emotional. After the last flute bazaar, we will celebrate together.”

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